Saturday, January 24, 2009

I think I made up for all my dealings yesterday. For I was up all night reading (I couldn't sleep anyways. been having trouble!)

And then puking this afternoon. I took the day off from work. And I stayed in bed as much as Xander would let me. He watched movies and I read.

It was kinda comical, I have my head in the toilet, trying to push the quizzical one away. "You okay mommy? What's wrong?! Ew! That's gross!!!" And then a few seconds later he disappears b/c the phone is ringing. "Hello?" Oh crap! He learned to answer the house phone! Something he has yet to discover....surprisingly....I'm trying to yell for him to drop the phone. I'm dry heaving at this point, and Xander hands me the phone.

Thankfully I heard the machine click on. *phew!*
So, I'm not counting today for my dailies....except I did finish less than 24 hours. Yeah, scary, I know!

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