Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 3!!!

*whew!* it went a little harder today! I couldn't sleep, and ended up going to bed at 5 a.m.!

I really tried hard to get up at 9...I set my alarm and complained to Aaron when I woke up at 10 that the alarm was broken. He said, "No, you've been hitting the snooze for an hour! ROFL!!!

I got through most of the day before I raised my voice to was putting on a pull-up. He was running around half naked, the bottom half...I'm trying to catch him. Finally I had it.

It's Friday for me!! Woohoo! Two days off!!! And I start my yoga class in the a.m.! Ugh! Actually in about 3 hours! I need to hurry and get some sleep!!!

I was very excited about my ipod. I had some cd's stolen (I think) and sadly it was all my favorite artists and albums! I wasn't too worried, b/c I had them all backed-up on my computer...which crashed. I was very upset....I was now going to have to replace ALL the cd's and had NO money to do it!

Well, I was talking with my boss at work tonight, lamenting how to transfer things, b/c with an ipod it is a one way street. You put it on the ipod, and then you have to copying back to the iTunes....

HAHAHAHAHA!!! There is a FREE program online called iPod Copy Expert....It's the free trial, and it takes a little time to transfer everything...but hey!!! I'm getting ALL my songs back!!!

I'm so happy!!! :-)

Off to play guitar! I have to do that really quick! :D

Chelle }}i{{

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