Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 10

So, I'm not counting yesterday. I was too tired. lol

Today, I went to Jason Bergam's funeral. I didn't know Jason well, but I knew his older brother and sister well.

I cried for two hours straight. I learned alot about Jason, aside from all the few times I said "hey Jason"

Everyone was dressed in black and everyone crying...missing him, but saying "we'll see you soon, in the next life."

And that got me thinking. I actually had this thought for a while, but when I die, I don't want ANY BLACK!!! I want all bright colors, and a BIG party. Lots of foods and music that I love.

Have a good night!!

Chelle }}i{{


  1. I know it had to have been so sad. I just hurt for the family.

    And I'm with you. I just want people to remember the fun things about me and while I hope they're sad that I'm gone, I hope they can be happy that we'll see each other again.

  2. So sorry for your tears, friend.

    I want something like that, too. I'll never forget years ago at my grandpa's funeral I wore bright orange. I was embarrased at the time because that was all I could find when shopping with my mom. It was a summer dress and it ended up being a cold and cloudy day. Being that I was only 14, I don't think anyone minded. Who knows, maybe I added some brightness to a sad day.