Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 15

I'm kinda lagging in my guitar and scripture reading the past few days. But I've been really worried about Koda.

He's doing much better though! He was all bouncy today. I felt bad for having to lock him back up. But I have to!

I got some bad news tonight at work. They cut my hours next week. I'm only working three days. I was working four.


What hard times we live in!!! Aaron put on Cinderella Man tonight. It's such a good movie. It gives us hope that anyone can get back up on their feet from hard times. And things are going to start being pretty rough!

But I have faith. Faith in God, in Aaron and in US. It'll work out....eventually.

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  1. It does get better I promise...like you said we just have to have faith.