Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 12

We got alot accomplished today! I feel very good!!!

I took Xander to the park and had a play date with another mom. It didn't turn out too well, b/c Xander was hitting, and finally had time-out, then we finally just had to cut it short and leave.

Work was busy tonight!!! It was great! It makes the time go by sooooo much faster!!!! I looked at my watch, "Oh, it's lunch already?" I looked at my watch again, time to go home! Woohoo!!!!!!!

Yeah! I just found my camera! lol I know, random, but it was sitting there under Aarons' clothes!! woohoo!!!

Well, Aaron's heading for Fed-ex, I'm heading off to play my guitar and then bed, I'm pooped!!!

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