Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1 of 1001

*whew!* I was surprised, I did get alot done!!!

I did all my daily things. I made dinner for the boys, I called my mom (she wasn't I even have started trying to get a band together.

I talked to my friend, Dawn, she plays base, and she's really excited. She would LOVE to do a band with me. I've been listening to the Bangels still, and I think it would be fun to be an all chick band. We don't have a lot of those anymore...and some of them are all "Popish". We're wanting more of a light to medium rock feel. :-)

I got up by 9, was dressed by 10, and we went to church. What will tomorrow bring?


Chelle }}i{{


  1. Starting a band is so kick ass of you! I hope you come to my town when you become famous and go on tour. I'm so proud of you for going after something you love so much. You rock!!!

  2. You go with your bad self! Awesome! XOXO CJ

  3. Wow! This is long exactly is 1001 days? 3 years and a bit? Seems like a lot at first but for three years its not so scary.

  4. Hah we have church at 1 and we were still late..