Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 4...*whew!*

Alright, I'm trying, I'm on day 4! Aaron said he was really proud of me, that he's seen a change in my attitude. That made me smile.

I had my injections in my back today. It sucks, but I forget how good I feel afterwards. It's not a "high" or anything like that, it's lidocaine. It numbs my back.

I did start Yoga today. That was fun! It was just soooo dang early!! I was up so late, I decided just to stay up the whole night. It was at 6:30 am. But it was fun, I wasn't sore at all, I felt relaxed, and I could defiantly feel the "Burn" in my abs! lol. I'm going again tomorrow, I'm excited!!

My sister-in-law is needing a new manager for her RV Park, and I thought instantly of my friend Dawn. She's been out of work for a month or two now. There are just no jobs here in Reno, and she's just about to run and go to Wal-mart....which hey, I've been there, done that. No one dreams of working for Wal-mart, it just happens and it sucks you in! Well, the interview went good, and she is only competing against one other person. *Crosses fingers* here's hoping!

After the interview, Dawn and I took Xander to the park, we talked more about the band. We're getting REALLY excited about it! She has a possible electric/lead guitar person. She also used to do Public Relations for local bands, and she has a lot of friends and we should be able to get some gigs....we just got to practice! lol

My friend, Sunny at work, she's Indian (from the country) and a WONDERFUL woman. I call her my "lunch buddy". She works on the opposite side of hotel, in the casino, and we met one day while at lunch. She was talking about her daughter (lives in Arizona) and how she wants to right a nice letter to her. She asked me to do it, "Because you write so wonderfully with all your poems." I thought that was neat, and I felt very honored to do this for her. So, we jotted down some ideas that she wanted on the letter. That is my goal for tomorrow. :-)

Xander and I played Hi-Ho Cherri-o tonight. He really dug that. He's had a problem counting 3-4-5-6. Always missing the 4 and 5. That was fun! :-)

I'm reading, for my daily scripture something by Sherri Dew (she's awesome!!!) called "If Life were Easy, it Wouldn't Be Hard." I really am liking it. My favorite so far was talking about taking your emotional baggage and getting rid of it. Gee, I wonder if I have any?!

Alrighty, he's begging me to read him a story..AGAIN and I still to play my guitar!!!!

Good Night!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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