Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Starting to Get Back

Ugh! Starting to get back in the swing of things!! I'm walking a little better today, although standing still and sitting still are still throwing me pretty bad.

It was Memorial Day today. Thanks to all those who have given their time, energy, loved ones and lives to this great land.

We went car shopping today and kept getting rejected by stupid dealers time and time again. It wasn't that we had bad credit, because we don't...it's because we weren't buying a car today. We are still waiting to see the majority of the loan paid off. I hate being treated like nothing. It's stupid. And it seems almost every car dealership I've ever gone to has been like that....except Toyota/Scion in Reno. We bought from a guy named Travis, about the same age as us, and he has always been awesome, courteous and flat out honest, something you don't really find in a car salesman.

We've told him straight up before what we can afford. He has always told us yes, or no...not "Come on in, we'll see if we can." only to try to sell you something else that you don't want.

So, after feeling a little frustrated, we went and saw him. Told him what's going on. Immediately he is running his brain trying to think of ways we can make this work, being the insurance company's really screwing us over. We eve talked about trading in Aaron's car for two used ones and seeing if that could keep us in our price range. He said he'd try to work on it and get back to us.

We were on our way to another city when we had the idea of "hey, let's try and re-finace the scion...lower the price, and then allowing extra room for my car"...we didn't have the toyota finance number, so we called Travis to get it. He didn't answer, but we left a message. Turns out, they were closed for the holiday.

But, about 7 tonight, he calls and talks to Aaron for about a half hour explaining, that our loan is actually less than the wholesale on out scion, and that we can actually get equity out of it and put it towards paying off the jeep. And in doing this, it will also lower our rates on the scion!

We got so giddy! Something is actually turning out okay on this! :-)

I'm gonna try and go talk to him tomorrow to get more details and see what we can do! :-)

As for now, I'm off to bed!!

Chelle }}i{{

Monday, May 25, 2009

Update on the Wreck

Wow, what a week it had been! It's sucked, really sucked. I am walking like an 80 year-old woman, I squirm like Xander does in a chair, b/c I can't sit still for long.

I'm not working much, I'm trying, but it just hurts to stand for long periods, and that's what I do.

I have amazing friends and family that have giving me such great love and support.

I have been reading in Job alot, and that's been making me feel better. Plus, you know Xander makes my day. He's been such a little trouper in all of this!

Well, off to bed and to find a car tomorrow! Wish me luck!!!

Thanks for everything!!

Chelle }}i{{

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wrecked...My Car Was Totalled...With Me Still Inside!!!

I WAS having a great day... until I was heading to work. I got rear-ended. It was an accident, through and through, everyone suddenly braked. I just got the shit end of the stick. (thankfully Xander was NOT in the car!!!)

Anyhoo, my Jeep Cherokee is totalled. I couldn't open the driver's side, I had to crawl through the passenger's side.

Thankfully a dear friend saw my car and pulled over. She was with me in the Ambulance and with me until Hubby could get there. She's was so awesome! That's a true friend right there! Drops everything to help out a friend in need!!!!

My neck and back started hurting, and they put me in a brace and sent me to the ambulance!
I was at the ER for a while. Good news, nothing broken! So, I know I'm going to hurt like hell tomorrow! Yeah! He gave me some good drugs, so hopefully I'll start feeling better soon.

Anyhoo, I'm okay, I hurt, I could use some more love this way!!!

And the meds are starting to kick in.............zzzzzzzz



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Having A Bad Day

I'm having a REALLY bad day.... :-(

I hurt, I'm tired, and I'm scared....not a fun combo.....

And this is going to be a long rant, but I need to do it, so, please bear with me!

Well, it started a while ago, Hubby kept pushing (he didn't mean to) about having another kid. While I would LOVE to have another, I have so many scary thoughts and notions.

I had a great pregnancy until the 7th month, on Aug 2nd, 2005 (our second Anni, which makes even more memorable) We were coming back from Monterey, when I man rear-ended us. Hubby was fine, he was reclined and asleep...It was a "Low impact" being I was stopped and he was maybe going 30. Well, he was opening a bag of chips and didn't see that it was red. *Bam!*
And I've been pretty much miserable ever since. I try to stay upbeat and don't let the pain get to me, but sometimes, you just have to cry, you can't hold it in any longer!

My pain level used to be a 10 (10 being unbearable pain) at birth to now a constant 5. It's been 3 1/2 years of pills, injections, acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractics, yoga, and I still hurt! Some days I can't pick up my son, and it just kills me when he looks at me and says before giving me a hug, "Mommy, how's your back? Is it hurting?" And then he'll hug me and lightly rub my shoulder.

We're also not too stable financially. We have a couple hundred in savings, but DH works 2 part-time jobs, and is going to school. I'm working a full time job nights, because we can't afford a babysitter. So, I don't seem my hubby, and b/c of my night hours, I tend to be crabby with Xander...I HATE IT!!! Pretty much, we need all paychecks to survive right now.

My fears about being preggers? And I did tell these fears to Hubby...but I'm still trying to figure out his reaction to my not being ready..

-I will hurt again the same way I did when I first got hit. That is my worst fear of all. I don't think I can emotionally handle that right now

-We don't have enough time to spend with the one we already have, why compound it?!

-What if I am sent to bed b/c I'm preggers? I have a history of High Blood Pressure (Yoga's the thing that actually took me off my meds for that!!). I will not be able to take ANY meds while preggers....There are days I can't move until my pain pills have kicked in. I will literally lay in bed Xander cuddle next to me watching a movie waiting to be able to feel good enough to move.

-Money-we're scraping by as is....the economy is such that no one's job is 100% secure! And to add diapers and formula (can't breast feed) on top is just crazy!!!!

-If I have to work, who's going to watch the two of them? My Mom-in-law watches my son for a few hours Wed, Thurs, and Fri until hubby gets home...She's dealing with an ADHD 9 year old, working part time at the elementary school, a twice over breast cancer survivor, oh, yeah, and she's dealing with her mom having Alzheimer's. Can I really ask her to add to her burden? I know she'd say yes....but, I don't know.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek!

I have been anticipating this movie for a long time!!! I am a huge Trek fan, but not in the "Let's dress up and go to a convention and let's learn a language that doesn't exist." type of fan. Just I've seen all the original movies and LOVED Star Trek Next Generation!!!!

Might I say: Excellent!!!! I Loved it! Great movie!!

We all went to go see it and it didn't seem like it was a long movie at all.

I'm still getting used to my hours. One of these days! :-)

Aaron and xander did the annual Father-Son camp out with our church. They went to a place called dog valley. They had a great time! Grandpa went with them too. I got home from work and didn't know what to do with myself! lol

Anyways, have to get up early tomorrow! Dr. Appt!!!

Chelle }}i{{

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover.....Or a Person!!!

So, I work in a hotel, at the front desk. It is a large hotel, with nearly 2,000 rooms. We have travelers from all over the world come and visit! It's a truly neat experience.
We had a group of Muslims come in from Saudi Arabia today. I was so jazzed when I found out, as my folks used to live in Saudi.
Later that evening, sure enough, the group came in. The women were dressed beautifully! About half had their faces fully covered, the rest wore dressings on their head and shoulders.
At lunch time, a fellow co-worker, tells me, "Oh, I'm so scared to be working here tonight."
When I asked why, she said, "Because all these Indians in here."
"They're not from India, they're Muslim and from Saudi Arabia." I state, getting irritated knowing where it's about to lead....
"Well, they all look like terrorist. They probably are. I'm scared." She didn't look scared, but the way she looked was very condescending
The ironic thing about it? My co-workers from another country! Some of her ways are "weird" to me, but that's her, and that's her culture. Still respect her.
I tried to correct her on her errors. Explaining that in the Islamic faith, it is a SIN to kill. I explained that those who claim to be Muslim and then destroy life, are not Muslim, they are radicals. I explained that it is a very peaceful religion and they actually believe in some of the same prophets as Christians do.
In one ear and out the other. *sigh*
Sometimes it's one step forward and 15 steps back, you know?
Had to vent!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Haven't Been On For a While!

Sorry (mainly to myself) that I haven't been on for a while! Things are pretty hectic and I've started a new shift. It's really throwing me off!!! Two hours difference can be huge!

We played softball, and I tweaked my shoulder (go figure). It sucks not being able to do the same things you're use to doing!!

Aaron and I are talking about being Foster parents or even adopting...We want more kids, but I just hurt all the time. I don't want to hurt anymore!!

So, we're going to the Temple on Tuesday and see what happens!!

Chelle }}i{{

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ah, whatever day it is!! I started my new shift!!

So, I started my new shift today. I'm working 4-12 midnight. I love it! It's a little busier, but it makes the day go by a lot faster!

Plus, in a couple of weeks, I should be all systems go and getting up earlier and STAYING UP!!! :-)

Which means, more time with Xander! Yeah!

Plus, I like the fact that I don't have to rush home just so Aaron can go to work.

Anyhoo, off to bed, I have softball in the morning!!! Two games!!

Chelle }}i{{