Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jesus is in my Hear..and Eating Breatfast!!

So, my son last night was getting scared and wanting me to lay down with him. I told him know (we're trying to get away from that, and he uses every ploy imaginable to get us to.)

I got the idea to explain to him that when mommy and daddy.."And Koda (our dog)" he adds, are not in the room with you there is someone else who is ALWAYS with you. He's always watching over you while you sleep, he'll protect you from all the monsters....etc.

I asked him where he thought Jesus was in the room right now? He didn't know. I point to his heart and said, "He's always right your heart and he will never go away."

Well, it seemed to work and he went to bed without much further complaint.

So, waking up this morning, he comes up to me and points to his heart. "Momma, Jesus is in my heart!!"I smiled and said, "That's right!"He then said, "Yup! And he's eating breakfast right now!"

I started laughing so hard! Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do LDS Women Avoid Me??!!

I'm really bugged about tonight. I made plans with about 8 LDS women from my ward to go see Harry Potter and probably go have ice cream afterwards to discuss the movie.

I took the Xander to the Water park today, we had a blast...I get one text and a voice mail saying 2 couldn't make it. Found out a third and fourth then couldn't make it....ok, still four that I know of coming....

So, I rush home to shower the chlorine off me and run to the movies thinking they'll be one. I was really hurt!

I was hoping to have a fun girls night out with some good LDS women. Everytime I try, something happens. It sucks!

What bothers me more is, that I tend to connect more with non-LDS women. They are always there for me when the chips are down. They brought me food, a heating back and even came over and helped me can a million pounds of dry goods....etc, etc...

These women are great it me? I know I'm not the "Typical" LDS woman. I swear, I sometimes gamble (rarely), and I love loud music. I don't bake....I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm not a big time sewer...I don't scrapbook to save my life. I honestly can't sit for hours just trying to get one page of photos "just right".

Am I a non-LDS woman trapped in an LDS body? I feel like that sometimes. I go against the grain....not because I want to be a rebel...that's just the way I am and think.

Why the hell does it bother so many LDS women? Why do I get called out on shit....when I follow my faith and do what I'm supposed the best of my ability....

Sorry, this ended in a different place than it started. I was just looking so forward to bonding with some LDS women in my ward who I get along with at church....I just don't know what happened.....

I'm a little disgruntled, I guess!

Oh well, good night!!!!

Chelle }}i{{

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Choices in Life....

I'm learning all about choices. The negative and the positive. I feel a lot of negativity in my life right now....yet so much positivity. It's interesting really.

I know I'm on the right path, I know it's the right way. But sometimes the path curves and you can't see the good that's ahead. Sometimes there is the biggest mountain you have to climb, but once you do, you look back and admire the view of all the accomplishments you've made.

I've had, it just seems a stream of bad luck. I got in another car wreck. I feel just in that moment in my life....I got thrown back to start. It has taken me four years of pain, drugs, therapy....all of the get into a more good days then bad days. And then to have it all literally crash around me. It's really dug me into a hole. I'm trying to get out, I really am! Some days, it's just so hard.

And then, today at work, I get suspended for three days. I've been there over a year and NEVER had a variance on my bank (meaning I'm over or short). I just moved shifts, and I deal with a new supervisor, one that I'm not fond of. She's lazy, she's a bitch, and she has favorites. Which really pisses me off. My dear friend Brenda is my night super there, and she treats me just the same as everyone else....probably why I like her so much! We understand each other that it's just business. We work very hard at not mixing it.

Anyhoo, I digress so she pulled me in the office one day (about a month ago) and said she doesn't know, "How I do it on night shift." But on her shift, I'm going WAY too slow. She pretty much said I should shove the customers right out the door, not be myself and hurry.

I was so surprised by this, as I feel I'm quick and efficient. And whenever someone calls in, I'm usually the first one they call as I'm good.

So, I had the variances, and was mad at myself. I was written up and told to slow down. I then talked to the main kahuna there....she pulled a paper out from someone even higher than her and quoted what he wrote....saying I was one of the best employees, I always get positive comments....blah, blah, blah. Then my boss tells me that I've been awesome, she doesn't want to do it, b/c she knows the reason why...I was just so mentally messed up about it. But, it's the rules. She said I still have a job, and I'm still one of the best out there.

It made me feel okay.

Well, back in the hole I go, I'll take my lumps, I've made my choice not to let this get me down. Although I'm horribly pissed at the one woman...I'm okay. It was still my choice and my fault. She didn't touch my bank.

But, I won't let it get me down. I'm starting to turn the corner here. I see my surgery, Vegas and School right around the corner....I just have to get there first!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

School Classes and Other Randoms...

Well, the water heater broke...AGAIN!! So, the guy came out yesterday and fixed it. We finally have hot water!! Yea!!!

Aaron keeps buying those "Axe-Body spray" things...and they're just horrid! They smell good, but I can get over that Aerosol-ish smelling part of it. So, I'm going to surprise him today by going to Macy's and buying him some REAL stuff!! yea!!

My back's finally starting to feel a little better after they gave me those wonderful shots in my spine. If it continues to work, they're going to do it on my neck...which is good and bad! I just hope that it's doesn't hurt ten times worse right after the procedure!! yuck!

Who knows? I might not even need it! My reduction is in 25 days and counting. This might seriously clear-up my neck problems! Woohoo!!!

I did register for school! I'm sooo excited!!! I'm taking three classes, and all ones I'm just thrilled about! I'm just glad that they were "required" classes for me to graduate!

I'm taking "Writing Poetry" which, can't get much better than that!!! You know?! I have a natural gift for poetry, this is a for sure "Building on my talents" thing.

Then it's World Religions! I'm soooo stoked about this one!!! I have an online group about various religions that I started. And since I've started it over a year ago, I've just found it soooo fascinating!! So now, I get to dig deeper!! :-)

And then, I had to take a US Constitution class, so I took intro to American Politics. This ought to be interesting. It's an online class, which is kinda new for me! But since, I campaigned for Ron Paul last year, I think it'll be a neat insight and help me really dig down on the issues at hand. I am a registered Libertarian (much too my republican family's I liked the Republican party, but didn't love it. I was always crossing party lines to vote. But when I read into more about the Lib Party, I knew, this was the right one for me!! *gets off soap box*

Ok, so I'm excited about school! I haven't been in a while!! yea!!

It starts 8/24, 20 days after my surgery! woohoo! busy aug!!!

Chelle }}i{{

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Loans, College, Pain, Idiot Landlords

So, I just had my procedure where they stick me with tons of needles near my spine and put cortisone and numbing stuff. He said it should kick in in a day or two. Standing up and standing still is okay, not as much pain, but sitting and laying seems to be worse. I can't really find a happy medium right now. maybe in a couple days it'll be better. *crosses fingers*

I asked to be put out, but he said to try this stuff (I forgot what it's called, he said it's like Valium). It made me relaxed, although I did feel the whole thing. At one point, I yelped and started to cry. He asked, "Does it burn?" I said yes. He said, "That's a good thing." yeah, right! The old way, used to do 8-10 injections. He did it a different way, I only had two puncter sights. It looked like he had a bendy type needle, and just went up one side and deposited at each location. It hurt pretty good when he pulled it out fast. I guess that's the band-aid theory. Do it fast, not slow!

I just finished filling out most of our home loan papers. I just have a few questions, and e-mailed her tonight. But it looks like it's going to be good! There are a lot of foreclosed homes in the area of our ward. We love it out here in Sparks. It's a nice quite neighborhood. No one bugs you. We only talk to our actual neighbor. They're great. We sit sometimes outside in my camping chairs and chat while our kids play out front. We're gonna miss them!

I was supposed to scan my W2's and send them to the college, but for some reason, my scanners not wanting to co-operate. So, I'm gonna have to head out there tomorrow so we can finish up with the financial aid paper work. It looks promising! :-)

I'm sick of my landlord! First, he moved to Idaho and changed his phone # and address without letting us know. Sounds fishy, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Then, our hot water heater's been on the fritz, and finally quite on Friday night. I called Jim, he conveniently had his phone off for the 4th of July weekend. And being emergencies on a holiday weekend cost an arm and a leg, we waited. he FINALLY called me on Monday. He gave his brother my number and said he'd call. Well, I talked to the bro today....he can't get here until Thursday, b/c he works in Carson. i told him not good enough. He said he'd swing by after work, probably 5:30-6 ish. I went to sleep, as i was very tired after my procedure. Woke up, no phone call, no brother.

So, I'm pissed. I just wrote him a "stern" e-mail saying this ain't cool, told him I'm calling someone to come and fix it and he'd better have a credit card or billing address they can send the bill. We'll see what happens.

It's a two edge sword with this kind of landlord. He never bugs you, or pops by, doesn't care if we paint the house whatever color we want....but when we really need him, he's not there. It's like pulling teeth. ugh!

OK, done venting, I'm gonna try and get some sleep!! Aaron just rented Knowing, that weird Nicholas Cage movie. Looks good! Think I'll grab a soad and join him!!

Chelle }}i{{

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ah...Bubble Wrap...

So, I'm logging on to the web to check my bank statement out. And I have on my homepage a cartoon of the day thing. Well, it was Ziggy, and this just made me giggle! I LOVE bubble wrap! It's such a stress reliever!
So, Thank you Mr Ziggy creator!!! I'm about to have my procedure done, where they knock me out, and shove a whole bunch of needles in my spine in my low back. Fun stuff!!
This "relieved my stress" a little right now.
And my friend's about to pick me up! Here I go!
Chelle }}i{{

Monday, July 6, 2009

Music and lyrics and College, Oh My!!

Well, I finally mapped out the melody live I've had for Contradiction. I think it's spot on! Now, I just need to tweak and put some piano chords into the mix!! It is in the key of D Major, with some accidentals and a couple of borrowed V/V Chords. And if you got that last sentence, you are indeed a music nerd. :-) "what language do you speak?" "Music"....

Ah, I digress. I did head on up to TMCC, the community college here. They finally got my DARs report finished. And I just turned in the remainder of my FAFSA stuff. I also spoke to a counselor. She said I've only 13 credits left on my AA, and about 30 left on my AA of Music. But she wants me to do some research on the courses I need to take, b/c it looks like I've taken plenty of music classes. Some though, where Jr and Sr music classes, so they won't except them.

So, they're not accepting them, b/c what? The classes are too smart for the college? Am I smarter than the music their teaching? I got a little ego boost that instantly deflated when she said, "We're a Jr. College, we only accept Freshman/Sophomore credits."

"THhhpppppttt!" said Xander, as he stuck out his tongue at the woman.....yes son, my thoughts exactly....(this last part was mere fun, Xander did NOT stick out his tongue, but insited on interrupting the meeting time and again by asking for more paper to scribble on. He was actually quite enthralled with the woman and thought her "pretty"....thanks for changing teams there bud. I thought you were on my side!!!)

So, school starts in Aug. Hopefully I'll have all my ducks in a row!!!

Chelle }}i{{

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Happy Candia Day!!

I'm in a musical mood. I have my keyboard out and everything! I have some really good song's just time to make them into full blow songs!!!

Here goes nothing!!! Well, after a nap first!!

We went swimming at a friends' neighborhood pool today, then back to her place for some home-made mack and cheese. Good heavens! It was soooo rich and sooooo yummy! But it's one of those, "can only eat once in a while" dishes. Just too much good stuff!!!

So, now I'm tired and full! Oh!! Xander did sooo good today swimming!! He just had those little wing floaters! He had goggles on too! He was needing a little help at first, but soon he got really confident and was swimming on his own!!

Nap here I come! Oh! Happy Canada Day, eh? All you crazy canooks!! Yes, Jan, that was for you, eh? lol!! :-P

Chelle }}i{{