Monday, December 14, 2009

Nerve Burning...Tree Finally up!

So, I'm getting my nerves burned off tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but I had a blessing the other day, saying this is the right path to take.

So, I know I'll be okay, I just really don't want to go through it! ugh!!!

But, we did get the tree up! Yea!!!

It was fun! I usually don't like Christmas music, do to the Marching Band fact of playing it all year...I just get so burned!

But, we listened to SheDaisy, Trisha Yearwood, and Sarah McLachlan's Christmas CD's. It was fun!!

We're still stuck in snow, we had two big storms back to back with record temps (it was -20 at my house!!!) and it's just icy and blah. Hard to drive in!

Anyhoo, starting to get back into the swing of things here!

Chelle }}i{{

Starting my 101 things in 1000 days again!

Ok, so I've decided to start my 101 things again!! I was only 55 days in it to begin with, but there are a lot of things on my list I had goals for that I can cross off.

So, I need to start over again, but I'm going to keep my list the same, as some of these goals were really big goals!

Look for some updates soon!!!

Chelle }}i{{