Friday, March 13, 2009

The Temple

I love the temple! It's so wonderful!!! Tonight Aaron and I rushed over to Ward Temple Night, but got there a hair too late. I got in, he didn't.

And after seeing how full the room was, which, by the way is freaking awesome! I've never seen it that full!!! I told them that Aaron and I can do something else instead.

So, we did sealings, which is always amazing...I think of it kinda as "renewing of the vows". Or the closest thing to it. It was just fun to sit there and enjoy the moment.

Didn't turn out like we planned, but it was better!!!

I also got to see some friends of mine I haven't seen for a while. I saw an old bishop of mine, he was the temple pres. and is now a sealer. So that was fun to see him again!! Saw another lady from an old ward that I was fond of. We got to chat for a minute. And also, I ran into Linda Ivey, although I usually just call her Sister Ivey. She is an amazing woman!!! Just one of those "kindred spirits" that Anne of Green Gables spoke of. The first time I met her was when Aaron and I were first married. And we just hit it off. She's just so neat!!! I know we knew each other from before.

There are certain people that in life, you just know you've known share a common bond from the pre-existence. I don't know what, but I know I will find out soon! Every time I see her in the temple, her eyes just light up, she hugs me like a daughter home for the holidays and always says, "I was just thinking about you!!!" and then always, "I hope to see you here again soon!"

Anyhoo, fun night!

Chelle }}i{{

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