Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 51, Pierced My Ear...AGAIN!!!

*whew!* the day went by so fast today!!! I had a two visiting teaching appointments, and then, I went and got my ear re-pierced (the cartilage part on the top left ear). I took it out a while back, and I've missed it alot.

So, we've been saving tons, and I got my rebate card in for my phone, $100 debit card. I bought the shirt in California with it, and still had plenty to get my ear pierced or highlight my hair. I really wanted to highlight my hair, but it would only last for a little while.

So, I asked Aaron, his response? "Do you really want me to answer that?" I forgot got how sad he was when I took out my earring the first time. So, I got it done and he's very happy! lol

Well, I'm exhausted and have to be to work 5 hours early tomorrow. Not to mention have to finish all my primary stuff for music time!!!


Chelle }}i{{

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