Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 39, A Long Day!!!

So, they day started like this: I finished a novel I've been wanting to read for about a year (Book 6 of a series, reading the 7th now....) and I only had about 20 pages left when my head hit the pillow around 4 a.m. And me, being the wise person that I am, said, "Oh, I can stay up! Xander will sleep in..."

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I went to bed around 5:30, and he woke me up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30. Usually he just comes in, cuddles up, and falls right back to sleep....nope! Not today!! So, I put in a movie, got him some juice, and dozed while he continuously kicked me by him wriggling around.

I finally gave up on sleep and got up. I then had to get ready and look at what needed to be done for painting, as my land lord is coming to fix the faucet, so I think we'd better have the painting done. lol

Also at Lowes (I returned stuff we didn't need and had a gift card to use.), there were stones for a buck a piece. They had three colors, and I took 7 of each. We needed a path that lead through the dirt all the way to the back fence. So, I'm going to mix and match. I'm very excited!!!

And the paint I bought, is just awesome! I can't wait!!!! I'm going to do green, brown and blue strips up in his room (vertical) They will match his brown and green pirate bed spread and the brown and blue pirate border I'm going to put up.

Woohoo!!! And tomorrow, is a day off, and we'll be painting!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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