Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 50!!! Sacramento Trip!!!

So, my brother sent up some temple clothes that I need to exchange, and had to make a trip to Sacramento to do that (nearest place!) So I called my Aunt last week to see if we could swing down and say hi, she's about 45 min from Sacramento. She said she had to go up to Sacramento today to do the same.

So, we met for lunch with my cousin Bill who I haven't seen in about a year. It was awesome to see them!!! We visited for about an hour and ate pizza.

I returned everything I needed, got some cool stuff for singing time ideas!! I'm so excited!!!!

Xander picked out an Ammon action figure, and I instantly thought of Jan, my old seminary teacher who's favorite story is Ammon and the hacking off of arms. I still remember her imitating the hacking!!! ROFL! But we settled on my fav which is Captain Moroni. He is freakin' awesome!!!

We went to the mall afterwards, and I found a REALLY cute shirt.

I just got my rebate card back and it was $100!!! Woohoo!!! I didn't feel guilty spending part of it, b/c we have $270 in savigns already!!!! I'm so proud of us!! :-) So, for another part, I'm going tomorrow to get my ear pierce uptop again. I really do miss it!! :-)

And tonight, we're going to the temple! Yeah!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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  1. You know I still love that story -- chop-chop!!

    So glad you got to take a fun little trip out of town!