Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 45: I F*cking Hate Meth...

So, I just found out a friend of mine has been on Meth for a few months. And once her friend told me she was on Meth....EVERYTHING made sense! I was so pissed at myself why I didn't connect all the signs. Probably b/c I've never had a friend with a Meth problem.

But, I'm just wish she'd let me help her. I think she thinks that b/c I'm LDS, that I'm going to judge me, I would have judged her a long time ago for being bisexual....but I haven't. I've grown quite fond of her.

I just wish she'd see all these people that want to help her. Instead, she sees her dealers as, "awesome fun people who party."

I've glad she's getting out of Reno for a while. She's going to live with her sister for a while back east. Hopefully she'll get better before she completely throws her life away.

So, I F*cking hate meth...there's no other way to describe it....It's such a vial drug. It does so much to you in such a short time.

Chelle }}i{{

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