Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 59 Having a Good Night!!

So, I got into work one minute late...oh well!!

I started the day off by sleeping in. I was supposed to get up early and go biking. Yeah, that didn't happen until 2 p.m. lol. And when I got up to the biking trail, the wind was blowing soooo hard, that I barely made it anywhere. I finally gave up. It was a warm day, but the wind was a cold wind, and every time I breathed through my nose, I'd get an instant headache. Not fun in my book.

And then, I was heading home, I started getting dizzy...yeah, just ate an orange before going out....I know, stupid me!! So, I got home and ate some soup, that helped me! I dozed and then went to work.

Work was great! We were busy, and plus I made about $125 in upsells!!! That is only $25 short of my monthly goal. I didn't get this month's goal, only $104, but I think the month before covered it! lol

I got off an hour early and it's snowing outside! I loved it! I love being caught in a big snow storm, huge flakes flying EVERYWHERE!!! I was in the parking lot and actually started laughing out loud, good thing know one was around to hear me! :-)

And another cool thing, I have a friend who is wonderfully talented at words and imagery, and she is dabbling at song writing. She sent me a part of a piece she came up with and it's absolutely wonderful!!! I hope to start collaborating with her. I think it'd be fun!!!

Anyhoo, time for bed!

Chelle }}i{{

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