Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 24 writing and blah!

...I think it's day 24! lol

I started to re-write my novel, for the 3rd time! lol...maybe this time I'll get it right and the way I want it! I have a friend at work, she's awesome and extremely intelligent. I've been glossing over ideas with her.

Thanks Moon for helping me get back into it! Your example's been helping me! :-)

A blah day at work, nothing too exciting going on....oh well!!! Oh! I did tie a rubber band to the end of my nose at one point for a funny, and as I got home tonight, I noticed I have a bruise on the end of my nose!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Thankfully it's in the shadow areas, so it's not too noticeable!

anyhoo, off to watch Lake View Terrace with a snoring hubby! lol

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