Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Bummed

So, I dragged my carcass out of bed this morning. I was sooo tired, didn't want to move. I get out side with Xander, only to realize that I had left my key in the car!

I took it to a friends' house to have it looked at as it is leaking fluid. And when I got it back, I left the key in the, well actually Aaron's car. B/c I was driving Aaron's car at the time.

We went to Macaroni Grill last night. Xander was misbehaving, and I told him one more and we're going home. So, we just sat down to the main course (they had a special, salad, main dish and desert for 11.99!!). When he started acting up again, Aaron took away his candy that we were saving for after dinner. He started to cry. So, I grabbed him and told Aaron to bag up my food, that Me and Xander were leaving.

Aaron looked at me and said, "Are you serious?!"


So, Xander screaming about half way home. Finally realized mom means business. He had the "happiest" time-out I'd ever seen. He understood what he did wrong. It was pretty cool. But hopefully he'll believe me next time I threaten him if he's bad.

Anyhoo, that's it for now. I'm awake and want to go back to bed...

Chelle }}i{{

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