Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 29 An interesting, horrid day!!

So, I have a awesome friend who is getting married (her boy proposed the day he was leaving for boot camp). they're going to elope after he graduates from camp so she can go where ever he goes.

I lost $40 dollars that was my friends, I don't know where it went, I was dropping off Xander to play and she asked if I was going to the store if I could do her a favor...I really have no clue where it is. My only hope is that it went to someone who needed it really bad, and no some dork who doesn't deserve it.

So, I had to dig into my empty pocket and come up with $40 to give back to her. While I was searching for the money, I forgot about my Dr. appt for my monthly injections. I was racing to the car from Walmart, and my car wouldn't start. I had to drop the stuff off at my friends' and I called to say I was going to be a few minutes late, saying my car didn't start, etc. They said if I get there before 10 minutes late, I'll be able to get my injections. So, I arrive, 8 minutes late, and they just fill my meds, which I had to wait a F**king hour for that. I had to re-schedule for my appt and the next one they had was on the 26th. I wanted to cry at this point. I asked the nurse if I was having a bad day that if I called up, they could fill something heavier for me being I'm going two months w/o an injection. She then looked and treated me like I'm a junky, which is awesome. She then said, "You KNOW she can't do that over the phone." In my horrid day I completely forgot about that, I said, "Oh yeah, that's why I had to do the urgent care thing." She was such a biotch! ugh! She doesn't like Xander, anytime he goes in with me, he knows where the reflex hammer is in the drawer, and my Dr. ALWAYS lets him playing...but she is always like, "Get out of there!" Ugh!!!

And on top of it, I had to pay for the "Services Rendered" AWESOME!!!! I was wanting to talk to my Dr. about my yoga and how I'm doing and also about trying to lower my dose....but NOOOO couldn't do that!!! I'm sure if I'd mentioned that, she might have treated me different...Bitch.

I'm sorry I'm swearing, but it's been a swearing day. Thankfully Xander wasn't in the car!!!!!!!!! lol.

Alright, peace out, I need to breathe!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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