Monday, February 23, 2009

Triumph and Aggrivation

Today was a two edged sword.

I took a test for the Fed. Census people. Meaning, I'll be going door to door (most likely) but hey, I'd get paid $14 and hour for doing so!! Woohoo!!! I took the test, and got a 27 out of 28!! So, I kicked the test butt! Yes! I have a good chance of being called up for a job.

I went to pick up Xander from Gma's, and I could tell he was getting pretty tired. So, we went and grabbed a quick bit at Super Burrito. He wanted nachos, BEGGED for them, and hardly ate them. I told him this was lunch, and if he doesn't eat, well, that's it.

It went down hill from there. I had to run by the store to pick up some taco mix for tonights' dinner. He didn't want to go in the cart, threw a fit. Then he calmed down. He then had a spatula (I needed a new one) and was poking me in the boob with it. I took it away and he cried, no, he sobbed!

We get out to the car and load up, my brother calls me. So, I'm on the phone. While on the phone, he's making horrid, loud noises. After several attempts to ask him to stop. I hung up and told him to knock it off, he can't do it.

I proceeded to lecture him on listening, that he's not doing it and needs to. He said he was sorry.

I get home, tell him to run potty (he said he had to poop on the way out of the store). Instead, he runs in and starts popping bubble wrap. So, I get upset again, and tell him he'd better go potty. He goes. I tell him he needs to lay down in bed now, he's in time out. I'm in the bathroom pottying myself and he's just running around.

So, I pick him up, put him in bed and hold him down to be like, "Hey, calm down, you need a nap." He was spitting at me, and crying. He then wiggled an arm loose and clocked me right in the cheek!! It hurt really bad. I screamed in pain, which scared him, I think.

Then he cried again, said sorry and cuddled up to me to sleep.

He's asleep now, and my face still hurts. *sigh*

And I have to wake him up in a few b/c I have to go to physical therapy. Good times!

So, it was a good day, and a bad one!!

Chelle }}i{{

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