Sunday, February 22, 2009

Potty, potty, potty!!!

"Momma, I have to go potty!" Is a very common phrase in my house now. So is, "I have to go poo poo!" My favorite phrase used? "Momma! I poo pooed! I get gum!!!"

If you haven't guess, I think we have officially potty trained Xander. He wear underwear in the morning and after nap. He only has a pull-up on when he sleeps, so nap times and bed times are the only time now.

His favorite undies? The Lightning McQueen and Mater underoos. He always asks for them.

I can check-off one more thing off my list!! My goal was to have him potty trained within 6 months. I did it in a little over a month.

I'm so excited! No more diapers! Well, this pack has lasted us a LONG time. The only thing I don't like? How much he has to go to the potty! Sometimes I don't believe him, because he just went. But, he'll keep insisting and I'll take him and I'm always surprised how much he pees! lol


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