Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, I had sharing time today for Primary (pretty much a lesson for all the kiddies). We're singing on March 15th in front of our ward (about 200ish people) for our Ward Conference. It's going to be great! They're singing very well, but we keep mixing up some parts of the first and second verses.

So, I had planned for a whole half hour to work on this song. I thought I'd make it a fun game. Where we take pictures of the words and put them up until we have the whole song. I drew and colored (well, Aaron helped on the coloring) the words. Problem? I did ALL the words, totaling 90 words (it's really 91, but I took two words and combined). We go about 15 words put up. The kids did NOT dig it. They were pretty restless. We did a couple of songs to get some wiggles out, but it just didn't work out.

I finally gave up for lack of time, and we ran through the song a few times. I think they'll be good. We have a couple more weeks to do it.

I'll try again!!!

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