Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 31

I think I'm going to be re-arranging some of my goals. Upon doing some of my daily goals, I'm finding I have NO time!! So I think there will be some tweaking to make some of them maybe once or twice a week.

I'm almost done with my Yoga class! Next week will be 6 weeks!! Wow! I've lost 13 lbs. since I've been doing it! I'm looser than I've ever been, stronger, and I'm even slimming down a bit! My abs are killing me this week though, she really pushed us on core strengtheners. We really don't have the money, but it's helping so much, I asked Aaron if we can squeeze it in, he said sure! So, I'm going to keep going with my Yoga!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

Aaron's B-day's tomorrow (well, technically right now.) So, I stopped off at Bully's (the only thing open this late) and got some steak kabobs (pretty cheap) so that we could have a late snack before he had to run to work. While waiting, I walked over to Safeway to pick out a card....It took me a little bit to find a card (I could have found it sooner, but taking time for food) and when I picked it out, I'm waiting, and waiting for the checker. It's a skeleton crew at night, so they have a "Honk the Horn for Service" (how cheesy, right?) if there is no, I honked once....nothing. Honked REALLY loud a few times. It's loud and obnoxious and can be heard throughout the store, so, they should have heard it. I then grab the man cleaning the floors. HE went outside, no one, he called on the phone, no one. FINALLY, about ten minutes later, a chick shows up walking casually sipping a soda, goes, "Oh my goodness! Hold on!" then SHE disappears! If I didn't need the damn card, I would have walked out by now. So finally, she's back form outside with a kid, or well, what looks like a kid. I was pissed! I thought they were out there smoking or on break..turns out they were trying to catch some kids that ran off with beer. lol.

But, because I had to wait a ton, I missed snack with Aaron. I had to just hand it to him as he was on his way to work. Thanks alot punk kids!

Chelle }}i{{

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  1. I remember hating Safeway for that very reason -- I'd go over way early to grab donuts for Seminary and then couldn't get anyone to ring me up. I was always tempted to just take them and go -- never did but sure wanted to!