Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aaron Graduated!!!

I'm soooo excited! Aaron got his last grade back from school! He has graduated with his Associates Degree!

I'm so proud of him! He's worked so hard. He's been doing school and working two jobs. He really is Superman!!

Had a GREAT night at work last night! It was AMAZING! The posted our commission (upsells). I usually (on a good month) get around $200.

Well, I got $432.80!!! My jaw dropped! I can't believe I had worked THAT hard to get that. I'm so thankful. I really know some one's out there looking after us! I couldn't have done it with out help. I really believe that!!

Cleaned the church this morning and stop by a friends. Now it's time for a nap and then working on Jr. Sharing time! We have to sing "I Love to See the Temple" in ward conference.

Anyhoo, off to bed!


Chelle }}i{{{

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