Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 30

Alright, so it's been a month! *whew!* I'm really trying! I've been saying my prayers every night and trying to read the scriptures or a book by one of the General Authorities. I find if I'm having a short day, and don't feel like delving into the Bible, etc, I read the quotes for women by President Hinkley.

I also wasn't feeling good at all today! I usually don't eat before yoga, b/c if you eat a ton, you get cramps. And towards the end, I got really shaky, weak and dizzy, like I needed to eat something NOW!! I wasn't too surprised, b/c it was a pretty heavy workout today.

So, as soon as class was over, I drove to the nearest Terrible's Gas Station (they are popular in Vegas and now Reno, like a 7-11, but with cheaper fountain drinks) and I bought a coke and a doughnut. I was pretty much trying to shove sugar down me as fast as I could.

I sat in the parking lot in hailing it, and I felt a little better, so I started to head to my in-laws to pick up Xander. I sat in the car for a minute thinking I was about to lose everything. I got into the house and thought I'd better go to the bathroom. I walked past Xander cuddled up with mom and quietly shut the door. I sat on the edge of the tub trying to convince myself not to....

Yeah, that didn't work. I felt better, but still pretty icky. And I had a meeting for flowers that I'm delivering next week. I thought Aaron was still at work, and mom popped in saying, "You okay?" I said no, but I had to go to that meeting. So she kept Xander until Aaron got off work.

I texted him to say go get him after work, as I only have 45 minutes to get the yoga sweat and puke smell off of me and beat it to the meeting. He never answered....I get home, and his in the yard doing work!! Grrrr..... Pick up your phone! He seemed put-off by having to pick him up, b/c by then I had regained a little color.

I had the meeting and headed home. I tried to sleep, but Xander kept bouncing in between Aaron and I (who was asleep). He then had to go potty, and hollered at me when I came in, the toilet was just full!!! Poor guy! He said his butt hurt "real bad!" and that he did the same thing at Gma's house.

So, I think we got a little bug or something. I'm still queasy, but Xander seems okay.

I'm hungry though, so I think I might grab a bowl of cereal...that's pretty tame.

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