Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 81....Started My School Papers!!!

So, I picked up my UNR transcripts!! I went over to TMCC and filled out my Degree Audit Report (DARS) and am just waiting for my BYU-Idaho transcripts....turns out, with UNR, I had 28 credits!! So I have a total of 91 credits going in to TMCC. Hopefully I'll only need a few classes to graduate!!! Woohoo!

I ran into my friend at TMCC, she was visiting her hubby there on his break from work. So afterwards, we went and took the kids to the park and had a good time!

I went back home and gave Koda a bath outside as he threw up in his kennel last night. And I thought after we cleaned it up, and aired out the house, everything will be fine. So, we went to sleep with a stench in the house and windows open. Woke up, and it turned out Koda had rolled in it too or something...yuck! So, he smells sooooo much better now!! lol

Anyhoo, off to get my FASA paperwork in!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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