Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 72...I had Gizmo Turn Into a Gremlin Today...

That would be my son. We were re-financing a loan of ours this morning to get a better percentage rate, and well, Xander was PERFECT!!! He was a darling little angel! I told him, b/c he was good, that we'd go to lunch, maybe get McD's or something.

He choose, McD's, of course! Well, it wasn't quite lunch time, we had to take Aaron home before work, drop the check to the Landlord, and get him some new clothes. So, we dropped Aaron off, picked up Xander's old clothes and headed out. We met with the Landlord, dropped the check off, had to run to the bank, and then to the clothing store.

At the bank and the clothing store is when all hell broke loose. He wanted to sit on the counter by me, I told him okay, as long as he didn't touch anything...first thing? he goes for the fingerprint thing at the bank...then kept wanting her calculator. I finally set him down, and he started crying. He stopped and gave him one more chance....

Then the clothing store, it's a used kids clothing and toys place. I had to wait in line to trade in his old clothes, (he had a three inch growth spurt over night!!!). As soon as he hit the door, he started running for the toys. I asked him to stop and come back, as the toys would be out of my sight....he didn't listen after two attempts to call him back, I went over, and dragged him back to the counter. I explained that maybe after we shop, he can go play, but until then, no touching.

Of course, there was touching!! Everything! All the clothes on his level were not the right size, and he would try and grab the hanger and all and show me, "I like this mommy!" only to pull it off the hanger. Now, it was cute the FIRST time, and put it back, explained, and went on. This kept happening, so I told him he couldn't play afterwards. He started to cry and yell. I told him if he didn't stop, he was going to loose McD's at this point. He dried right up.

Then we got to the counter where you could see all the toys hanging out...."MOMMY...mommy! Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!!!!! I told him he lost his chance to go play. He started crying again. I took him outside while the girl was ringing me up and told him he needed to stop. He didn' I took McD's away.

And that's when the shrieking and crying happened. ALL the way home!! He even woke from his nap talking and crying about McD's.

It was like throwing water on the cute and cuddly Gizmo and having an evil Gremlin attack you.

And then I had work....woohoo.

Chelle }}i{{

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  1. Dill and Xander are two peas in a pod alright!