Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 73...Ouch and Going Back to School

Having a really bad day today. Just hurting. I woke up and could barely move. Some drugs and a few yoga stretches later and I was feeling slightly better.

Fast and the Furious came out today...Aaron has been drooling for this movie. So we headed to the movies. I was okay during the movies.

Hurt at work too...and was able to get out a little early without feeling too bad about it. I did over 50 dollars in upsells tonight, so that covered my skipping out early.

Aaron and I were talking about school for me tonight. I think I might do it. Live on student loans for a little while...I don't think I could do school and a full time job again....that's not fun!!!! But at least I'll be able to do something else....We'll see.

Chelle }}i{{

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