Friday, July 10, 2009

School Classes and Other Randoms...

Well, the water heater broke...AGAIN!! So, the guy came out yesterday and fixed it. We finally have hot water!! Yea!!!

Aaron keeps buying those "Axe-Body spray" things...and they're just horrid! They smell good, but I can get over that Aerosol-ish smelling part of it. So, I'm going to surprise him today by going to Macy's and buying him some REAL stuff!! yea!!

My back's finally starting to feel a little better after they gave me those wonderful shots in my spine. If it continues to work, they're going to do it on my neck...which is good and bad! I just hope that it's doesn't hurt ten times worse right after the procedure!! yuck!

Who knows? I might not even need it! My reduction is in 25 days and counting. This might seriously clear-up my neck problems! Woohoo!!!

I did register for school! I'm sooo excited!!! I'm taking three classes, and all ones I'm just thrilled about! I'm just glad that they were "required" classes for me to graduate!

I'm taking "Writing Poetry" which, can't get much better than that!!! You know?! I have a natural gift for poetry, this is a for sure "Building on my talents" thing.

Then it's World Religions! I'm soooo stoked about this one!!! I have an online group about various religions that I started. And since I've started it over a year ago, I've just found it soooo fascinating!! So now, I get to dig deeper!! :-)

And then, I had to take a US Constitution class, so I took intro to American Politics. This ought to be interesting. It's an online class, which is kinda new for me! But since, I campaigned for Ron Paul last year, I think it'll be a neat insight and help me really dig down on the issues at hand. I am a registered Libertarian (much too my republican family's I liked the Republican party, but didn't love it. I was always crossing party lines to vote. But when I read into more about the Lib Party, I knew, this was the right one for me!! *gets off soap box*

Ok, so I'm excited about school! I haven't been in a while!! yea!!

It starts 8/24, 20 days after my surgery! woohoo! busy aug!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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