Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do LDS Women Avoid Me??!!

I'm really bugged about tonight. I made plans with about 8 LDS women from my ward to go see Harry Potter and probably go have ice cream afterwards to discuss the movie.

I took the Xander to the Water park today, we had a blast...I get one text and a voice mail saying 2 couldn't make it. Found out a third and fourth then couldn't make it....ok, still four that I know of coming....

So, I rush home to shower the chlorine off me and run to the movies thinking they'll be one. I was really hurt!

I was hoping to have a fun girls night out with some good LDS women. Everytime I try, something happens. It sucks!

What bothers me more is, that I tend to connect more with non-LDS women. They are always there for me when the chips are down. They brought me food, a heating back and even came over and helped me can a million pounds of dry goods....etc, etc...

These women are great it me? I know I'm not the "Typical" LDS woman. I swear, I sometimes gamble (rarely), and I love loud music. I don't bake....I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm not a big time sewer...I don't scrapbook to save my life. I honestly can't sit for hours just trying to get one page of photos "just right".

Am I a non-LDS woman trapped in an LDS body? I feel like that sometimes. I go against the grain....not because I want to be a rebel...that's just the way I am and think.

Why the hell does it bother so many LDS women? Why do I get called out on shit....when I follow my faith and do what I'm supposed the best of my ability....

Sorry, this ended in a different place than it started. I was just looking so forward to bonding with some LDS women in my ward who I get along with at church....I just don't know what happened.....

I'm a little disgruntled, I guess!

Oh well, good night!!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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  1. I honestly don't think it's the LDS women. I'm with you -- don't sew, don't scrapbook, don't bake, etc. etc. etc. And I have friends that are LDS and those that aren't -- I think it just depends on the individuals.

    Hang in there. You are wonderful, you are loved, and those who aren't giving you a chance are missing out.