Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Loans, College, Pain, Idiot Landlords

So, I just had my procedure where they stick me with tons of needles near my spine and put cortisone and numbing stuff. He said it should kick in in a day or two. Standing up and standing still is okay, not as much pain, but sitting and laying seems to be worse. I can't really find a happy medium right now. maybe in a couple days it'll be better. *crosses fingers*

I asked to be put out, but he said to try this stuff (I forgot what it's called, he said it's like Valium). It made me relaxed, although I did feel the whole thing. At one point, I yelped and started to cry. He asked, "Does it burn?" I said yes. He said, "That's a good thing." yeah, right! The old way, used to do 8-10 injections. He did it a different way, I only had two puncter sights. It looked like he had a bendy type needle, and just went up one side and deposited at each location. It hurt pretty good when he pulled it out fast. I guess that's the band-aid theory. Do it fast, not slow!

I just finished filling out most of our home loan papers. I just have a few questions, and e-mailed her tonight. But it looks like it's going to be good! There are a lot of foreclosed homes in the area of our ward. We love it out here in Sparks. It's a nice quite neighborhood. No one bugs you. We only talk to our actual neighbor. They're great. We sit sometimes outside in my camping chairs and chat while our kids play out front. We're gonna miss them!

I was supposed to scan my W2's and send them to the college, but for some reason, my scanners not wanting to co-operate. So, I'm gonna have to head out there tomorrow so we can finish up with the financial aid paper work. It looks promising! :-)

I'm sick of my landlord! First, he moved to Idaho and changed his phone # and address without letting us know. Sounds fishy, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Then, our hot water heater's been on the fritz, and finally quite on Friday night. I called Jim, he conveniently had his phone off for the 4th of July weekend. And being emergencies on a holiday weekend cost an arm and a leg, we waited. he FINALLY called me on Monday. He gave his brother my number and said he'd call. Well, I talked to the bro today....he can't get here until Thursday, b/c he works in Carson. i told him not good enough. He said he'd swing by after work, probably 5:30-6 ish. I went to sleep, as i was very tired after my procedure. Woke up, no phone call, no brother.

So, I'm pissed. I just wrote him a "stern" e-mail saying this ain't cool, told him I'm calling someone to come and fix it and he'd better have a credit card or billing address they can send the bill. We'll see what happens.

It's a two edge sword with this kind of landlord. He never bugs you, or pops by, doesn't care if we paint the house whatever color we want....but when we really need him, he's not there. It's like pulling teeth. ugh!

OK, done venting, I'm gonna try and get some sleep!! Aaron just rented Knowing, that weird Nicholas Cage movie. Looks good! Think I'll grab a soad and join him!!

Chelle }}i{{

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