Monday, July 6, 2009

Music and lyrics and College, Oh My!!

Well, I finally mapped out the melody live I've had for Contradiction. I think it's spot on! Now, I just need to tweak and put some piano chords into the mix!! It is in the key of D Major, with some accidentals and a couple of borrowed V/V Chords. And if you got that last sentence, you are indeed a music nerd. :-) "what language do you speak?" "Music"....

Ah, I digress. I did head on up to TMCC, the community college here. They finally got my DARs report finished. And I just turned in the remainder of my FAFSA stuff. I also spoke to a counselor. She said I've only 13 credits left on my AA, and about 30 left on my AA of Music. But she wants me to do some research on the courses I need to take, b/c it looks like I've taken plenty of music classes. Some though, where Jr and Sr music classes, so they won't except them.

So, they're not accepting them, b/c what? The classes are too smart for the college? Am I smarter than the music their teaching? I got a little ego boost that instantly deflated when she said, "We're a Jr. College, we only accept Freshman/Sophomore credits."

"THhhpppppttt!" said Xander, as he stuck out his tongue at the woman.....yes son, my thoughts exactly....(this last part was mere fun, Xander did NOT stick out his tongue, but insited on interrupting the meeting time and again by asking for more paper to scribble on. He was actually quite enthralled with the woman and thought her "pretty"....thanks for changing teams there bud. I thought you were on my side!!!)

So, school starts in Aug. Hopefully I'll have all my ducks in a row!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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