Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Happy Candia Day!!

I'm in a musical mood. I have my keyboard out and everything! I have some really good song's just time to make them into full blow songs!!!

Here goes nothing!!! Well, after a nap first!!

We went swimming at a friends' neighborhood pool today, then back to her place for some home-made mack and cheese. Good heavens! It was soooo rich and sooooo yummy! But it's one of those, "can only eat once in a while" dishes. Just too much good stuff!!!

So, now I'm tired and full! Oh!! Xander did sooo good today swimming!! He just had those little wing floaters! He had goggles on too! He was needing a little help at first, but soon he got really confident and was swimming on his own!!

Nap here I come! Oh! Happy Canada Day, eh? All you crazy canooks!! Yes, Jan, that was for you, eh? lol!! :-P

Chelle }}i{{

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