Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Starting to Get Back

Ugh! Starting to get back in the swing of things!! I'm walking a little better today, although standing still and sitting still are still throwing me pretty bad.

It was Memorial Day today. Thanks to all those who have given their time, energy, loved ones and lives to this great land.

We went car shopping today and kept getting rejected by stupid dealers time and time again. It wasn't that we had bad credit, because we don't...it's because we weren't buying a car today. We are still waiting to see the majority of the loan paid off. I hate being treated like nothing. It's stupid. And it seems almost every car dealership I've ever gone to has been like that....except Toyota/Scion in Reno. We bought from a guy named Travis, about the same age as us, and he has always been awesome, courteous and flat out honest, something you don't really find in a car salesman.

We've told him straight up before what we can afford. He has always told us yes, or no...not "Come on in, we'll see if we can." only to try to sell you something else that you don't want.

So, after feeling a little frustrated, we went and saw him. Told him what's going on. Immediately he is running his brain trying to think of ways we can make this work, being the insurance company's really screwing us over. We eve talked about trading in Aaron's car for two used ones and seeing if that could keep us in our price range. He said he'd try to work on it and get back to us.

We were on our way to another city when we had the idea of "hey, let's try and re-finace the scion...lower the price, and then allowing extra room for my car"...we didn't have the toyota finance number, so we called Travis to get it. He didn't answer, but we left a message. Turns out, they were closed for the holiday.

But, about 7 tonight, he calls and talks to Aaron for about a half hour explaining, that our loan is actually less than the wholesale on out scion, and that we can actually get equity out of it and put it towards paying off the jeep. And in doing this, it will also lower our rates on the scion!

We got so giddy! Something is actually turning out okay on this! :-)

I'm gonna try and go talk to him tomorrow to get more details and see what we can do! :-)

As for now, I'm off to bed!!

Chelle }}i{{

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  1. Hopefully the car issues can be resolved in a hurry - it's so hard to not have the wheels that you need!