Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover.....Or a Person!!!

So, I work in a hotel, at the front desk. It is a large hotel, with nearly 2,000 rooms. We have travelers from all over the world come and visit! It's a truly neat experience.
We had a group of Muslims come in from Saudi Arabia today. I was so jazzed when I found out, as my folks used to live in Saudi.
Later that evening, sure enough, the group came in. The women were dressed beautifully! About half had their faces fully covered, the rest wore dressings on their head and shoulders.
At lunch time, a fellow co-worker, tells me, "Oh, I'm so scared to be working here tonight."
When I asked why, she said, "Because all these Indians in here."
"They're not from India, they're Muslim and from Saudi Arabia." I state, getting irritated knowing where it's about to lead....
"Well, they all look like terrorist. They probably are. I'm scared." She didn't look scared, but the way she looked was very condescending
The ironic thing about it? My co-workers from another country! Some of her ways are "weird" to me, but that's her, and that's her culture. Still respect her.
I tried to correct her on her errors. Explaining that in the Islamic faith, it is a SIN to kill. I explained that those who claim to be Muslim and then destroy life, are not Muslim, they are radicals. I explained that it is a very peaceful religion and they actually believe in some of the same prophets as Christians do.
In one ear and out the other. *sigh*
Sometimes it's one step forward and 15 steps back, you know?
Had to vent!!!

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