Friday, April 16, 2010

Minature Disasters :-)

So, Xander and I took a quick trip down to California.  We went to see and old friend, and a new, but "old" friend.

We stayed in Hayward at her house, I wanted to see them, Sangeeta's mom is not doing to good, she has cancer and has been doing pretty well, but has recently taken a turn for the worst.  So, we went down to say hi, we haven't seen them in a couple of years, but we still talk on the phone.  It was too quick, but nice to go and visit.  I'm hoping to go down there again soon!!  The boys had sooo much fun together!!!  :-)

We then went up to meet up with Chels and her daughter Amelie in Bodega was starting off to be a very nice day the sun was out, the wind was low and it was just amazing!!  We went to an art gallery for a showing of paintings that were all about was very neat to see!!

Then Chels accidently put one tire of her car in a ditch!  Oh no!!  I started laughing.

I felt so bad for laughing!  But, I'm one of those that I either laugh or cry...This is why I sometimes laugh at inapproriate times...But the main reason I laughed, is because I am car trouble should have been me!  I'm always loosing my keys, or having a flat...

We ended up at a ranger's station because there was NO cell service!  I know, California with no cell service!  I would expect it in Death Valley, but not there!!  The kids had fun, they found a couple of muddied water holes and threw rocks in them.

So then, after Chels got a hold of a tow truck, we sat across the road chatting while the children played near a cliff drop off...we snacked and played.

The tow truck came, and the car ended up with minimal damage!  Yea!!!  We even saw some whales even!!  Well, that or three rocks...we swore they were moving!!!

We headed to a lovely beach next.  It was so fun!  Oh, how I miss it!!  The roar and silence all in one!  It was beautiful!!  The kids had so much fun!  The water was cold and refreshing...bordering on too cold!  I LOVE the ocean!  You feel so small there.  In our lives we sometimes are only concerned with things that are immediatly surrounding ourselves.  To take sometime, in good company, and reflect that we're not the only ones' here...that life is not all about's all about EVERYONE!  We are all connected somehow some way.

The kids buried our feet, then buried our feet.  They picked up tons of shells and had a fun time doing it!!!

As soon as I got in the car, my ipod came on, and the song "Minature Disasters" by K.T. Tunstall came on.  I just laughed!  It was such an ironic moment!!!

Then, we went to a deli and had rubber sandwhiches while vulters circled over head....THEY were HUGE!!

I headed back home through Napa/Sonoma and was in awe of all the beauty there!!!  Then swung by my aunts house in Fairfield for a couple hours.  It was neat to see them for a minute!  My Mom and Grandparents were even there!  :-)

All in all, it was a quick, but fun trip!!!  I relaxed, felt peace, visited with good friends, and had a wonderful time!  Can't wait to go back!!!!

Sometimes, life choses what happens to us.  We can either sit back and enjoy the moment it brings or stress from it.  I do stress often, but I'm trying to make these "Disasters" minature...because, it usually ends up well in the end.  :-)

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