Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Schooling, The Internal Struggle

So, I have a few online friends that home school, I've learned a lot from them, and have used them in daily things for Xander.  Not a regular thing, but something will trigger a blog post I've read, and I'll try to wedge the message in some how.

I was visiting with a woman in my church.  She just pulled her kids out of the school Xander will be attending next year.  The things she told me were rather appalling.  She said she learned things about her teacher that her daughter picked up that one should not know unless good friends, let alone through a child.  Her kid's teacher informed them VERY late in the year (or not at all) about how bad their children were doing...when there were no notes, no progress reports, etc.  How can you help your child when things like that happen?  So, she finally pulled her kids out.

They are doing VERY well!  She has a Christian-based educational program.

This is my questions on this, I would LOVE a Christian-based schooling, but also a natural approach too.  Everytime I'm teaching him about something, it always seems to be when we're outdoors, and it's related to nature.  I guess for me, when I'm in nature, it's where everything makes sense.  It's where I'm my calmest and most reflective.  The world and my mind seem to open up.

It's where I can't get cell reception, nor TV, where the only thing I have is, my imagination, my thoughts, and myself (well most of the time now, I have Xander in tow.)  But he's is drawn into that world too.  He's so full of life and energy, but I've noticed, he's mellower, he listens to me so much better!  Could it be in my genes, passed down to my son?

I was talking to Aaron tonight about possibly home-schooling Xander.  He sighed and said, "I know, it's all up to me, if I can get a good paying job so you can stay home."

He's right.  If I could be a stay at home mom, I would be so content!  I really hate to put that burden on him, but he's been trying for years.  He wants me home too (only because he knows I want it.  He is not demanding it.)  I see all these mom's all around me that are stay-at-homes and they complain that they don't get out, that they wish they could trade places....I'm sorry, but I wouldn't.  To not have to work for people who don't appreciate you (the guests, my bosses are great!), to be able to cook EVERY meal at home (it's relaxing to me!  I put on music and Xander helps!  It's so fun!).

I admit, sometimes it can be difficult, but to see my son with that sparkle in his eye, the hug and our kiss that he only does with just me (we peck and rubbed our noses!!), It's worth every bit of it.  To take every moment I have and spend it with him, reading a book, discovering a pirate treasure, making cup cakes...oh the things we would do!!!!!

Well, hopefully I'll have some more time to start the search once I graduate in a month!  Yea!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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