Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Beautiful Morning!

So, this was the second night on graveyard.  I had a loooong night!  But, I was awake!  It was nice to get out of work early...I was going to go straight to bed, but I decided to swing by yoga.  I haven't been in about 2 months.  I really miss it.

I had a very neat experience.  I had a friend call it a "grounding" experience, where your soul fully connects with your body.  I don't know how to explain it.

I was in a deeper than usual meditation...I noticed it in three different poses.  The first pose, the bottom of my feet were cool, not cold.  As if I just stepped barefoot into a nice patch of soft, spongey, moist ground.  The next pose, my fingers were gently being pulled back and forth, like a gentle breeze on branches...the last pose was feeling like my arms were spread wide, and unmoving...like big branches.  It hit me then...I was a tree.  It was such a neat experience...I cannot describe it.  It was beautiful, strange, wonderful, and familiar.

I also found a blooming tree that had blossoms in the shape of a heart!!!  Here's a pic!  It was lovely!  I know that the earth has beautiful and pleasant surprises...so, is this organized chaos?  A beautiful accident?  Or a gnome shaping our spring time to make it more joyous for those that can see it for it's really beauty.

May everyone have a joyous spring!!!

Chelle }}i{{

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