Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling Very Humble Tonight

So, I'm at my friends' house in Hayward, I'm visiting just for tonight and then heading out tomorrow.  Her mom is a sweet, sweet soul, and she has been battling cancer for years.  Well, it's now in her brain, liver and lungs.

Seeing her today, she looked so gaunt, but her spirit was shinning.  I told her she has raised wonderful children, and she just started to cry, saying that they are the only things she has left.  I just started to cry...the twinkle had left her eye.

We had a wonderful day, we ate at a great meal at a Persian place.  Then had ice cream, and then we got back, and Xander and I went to bed to nap.

We woke up and had a good evening.  Her mom imerged from her room to eat.  Her throat has been hurting so bad since the radiation started.

I was on the phone, and at one point, she was screaming at my friend saying she can't eat anymore and to give her a couple days.  I just wanted to cry.  She was so sad, and I can understand...I think she's done, she's tired of fighting, but she's hanging on for her kids and grandkid.

I know her kids are just hanging on, because she was such a wonderful, joyous a gaunt hollow shell.  I just hope that she can go in peace and that her kids will let her go in peace.

It makes me so greatful to believe in another life, to know that there IS something out there.  To know my father is there waiting for me.  It'll be a year this coming August.  I can't believe it.

We go through life hoping and fending off the inevitable...death.  I just hope that when my time comes, I'll have no regrets, that I'll be happy knowing that I lived MY life to it's fullest.

Chelle }}i{{

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