Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Does Everyone Think I'm Gay?!?!?!?!

Okay, this is definetly a rant blog today!!

I get hit on by women...alot (which I find flatering to a point). Coworkers have said I am. I even had a coworker tell me, "If you weren't married, I'd so be your girlfriend."

I walked in to work after I changed (On Tuesday), and I had on jeans and a leather coat. My hair is's only been like that for a couple boss looks at me and says, "Wow, you really do look like a lesbian." commenting of my outfit.

I'm sorry I like to wear my leather jacket. I'm sorry I have short hair. I'm sorry I like to wear leather braclets. I'm sorry I listen to all sorts of music, including listing some know lesbian artists amoung my favorites.

I don't understand. I'm happily married, I have a son. I am not Gay!!!!

...not that I have a problem with it. :-)

Thanks for letting me rant today!!

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