Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mom and Dad's Anniversary, My Idaho Trip

So, I'm a little behind, but oh well! lol

On Feb. 2nd (better known as Groundhog's Day), was my parents, well would have been their 37th wedding anniversary.

I haven't been able to keep in good contact with her do to cell phone limitations in the wilderness of Idaho.

Well, I've been really worried about her. She seems to put on a good "voice mask"...but I know it's hard.

Being suddenly without someone that's been apart of your life for more than 35 years. It really was rough...the good times were great, the hard times even harder. This is what makes it so rough...sometimes it's easy not to hurt, when you think of the little daily idiosencrencies that annoyed you beyond belief...yet those are the things you'll miss the most.

So, on Monday the 1st, heading into work, I felt the sudden prompting that I HAD to be in Idaho to see mom and I had to leave ASAP. So, I took a vacation day the next day and headed off that night after work! I crashed at my friend Melisha's house a little over half way from Reno and Grangeville, ID to sleep for a couple of hours before heading out again.

Long story short, I surprised my mom with a "Hey, was in the neighborhood (10 hour drive), thought since you don't have a date tonight, that I'd take you out tonight."

We cried hugged, Xander was SOOO excited to see his Grandma "From Vegas" (still trying to get used to saying Gma Dobbs or "In Idaho", lol). And we went out to Chinese Food...aparently it came highly recomended (I think by people who lost their taste buds in a tragic fire) other words, it was edible, and the company was WAY better than the food! lol

Rule of thumb? Never eat chinese food in a USA town where the Cows out number the people in a 5-1 ratio, even if the cook "came from China"....don't believe it!!! lol

Then, we went to my Uncle's Ranch the Next day and saw my gpa and gma. My gma is really bad with Alzheimer's...apparently, we caught her on a good day. She seemed relativly lucid. She knew me and Xander, she just went into repeat mode about every 15 minutes. I'm scared, I don't think she's going to be here much longer. :-(

But back to fun!

We saw Elk, Deer, Cows and all sorts of birds! I think we even saw a Wolf. There was this HUGE black "dog" in the middle of a hay field...the only black dog I know of on the ranch was standing right by us...hmmmm

Oh! And we went down to the Salmon River and we saw bear prints, deer, elk, raccon (I think) and possible wolf.

Anyhoo, we had fun, and I'm posting pics next!!!!

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