Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Found my Guitarist!!!

So, I met Matt, he audtitioned to be my lead guitarist.

He's a nice kid, talented too. We met up at Java tonight just to hang and try out some stuff. He's not used to an acoustic guitar, but bought one just for this group. He's been in thrash bands before, so he can play licks for sure, but he said he really wants something different. He can play many different generes. So, we played, had some fun, he was able to keep up with the songs I know, and by the 3 or four line was playing right along with me.

He's excited and can't wait to start practicing. It should work out really good!! I'm excited!

And we had these two bums approach us (we were outside playing) the one wanted to play my guitar and kept trying to touch it, even though I said back off. I don't care for other people touching my instruments!! Matt was the same way. Plus, new strings, don't want to get them gunked up. Then he asked for a dollar so he and his friend could get a beer. Said nope, don't drink and won't pay for it.

The "leader" bum then said, "well, that's ok, your still cool." ROFL!!!!

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  1. That last part really cracks me up!!!

    Congrats on the guitarist! Sounds like things are really coming together. I'm so happy for you! Rock on, girl...