Sunday, October 3, 2010

Biking Zen-Momentum

This was written in June as well!  :)

I was riding my bike around a local lake yesterday. I had an epiphany.

Ever since I can remember I love going downhill on my bike, followed by the quick change to uphill. Why? I shift my bike to the hardest gear and work that downhill, and pedal, pedal, pedal! I pick up a lot of speed and enjoy it, using the momentum I've gained on the downhill it makes the hill I'm climbing so much easier to reach the top.

I watched some people take the downhill lightly, sometimes not even pedaling, just coating. They're enjoying the "free ride" so to speak. But, as the downhill gets replaced quickly with the uphill climb, they labor very hard to reach the top. They are enjoying the fun part but have to work twice as hard on the difficult part.

I thought of life's many peaks and valleys. Many of us (including me) take it easy on the way down, coasting through the valley, not worried about the looming mountain in the distance.

If we work harder in those times of great ease, when we hit those peaks, using our momentum, it makes that mountain much easier to climb.

If we keep a steady pace throughout both valleys and peaks, it will feel more like a constant flat road. I'm not saying all the time, day in day out, we still really need to take the time to smell the roses and look at the view.

Just something I wanted to share.

Chelle }}i{{

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