Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Advice From Colbie Caillat..."Dog girl" my meet-n-greet experience

Mel and Me With Colbie!

It's a little lengthy, sorry!! But soooo cool!!!

So, my best friend, Mel and I went to the Colbie Caillat concert. She was performing at the Casino I work for, so I was able to get free tickets and meet-n-greets. We were sooo excited! We LOVE Colbie!!!

So, the night before the concert, they were going to be checking in around my shift. A woman comes up and shows me her Hawaiian ID. I noticed the last name Caillat. I asked her if she was related to...she cut me off and grinned proudly, 'She's my daughter!!!!'

I got so excited and told her that I'm going and have meet-n-greets. I also told her thank you for raising what seems like a great kid. B/c her husband (Colbie's Dad) is a famous producer...he worked alot with Fleetwood Mac. And instead of saying 'hey dad, do me a fav.' Instead, she wrote her own songs and posted them on Myspace. I told her mom how much I respected that.

She thanked me and then asked if we allowed dogs in the hotel. I said yes, and she got excited and gushed, 'I have my friend in reno keeping our dog! Colbie hasn't seen her in months!!' So, I hooked her up to allow the dog in the hotel.

She then sat in the lounge to wait for colbie. I saw Colbie walk in and they headed up to their rooms. Her mom comes down an hour later with a signed autograph saying thanks! I was totally shocked! how down to earth she was! It was great!"

...too be continued...

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