Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Advice From Colbie Caillat..."Dog girl" my meet-n-greet experience - Con't

(This is the writen advice Colbie wrote in my book. She gave much more spoken advice...this was a turning point folks!!!!!!!)

Then, the concert. Colbie was great! Mel and I were waiting to go in for the meet-n-greet.

I saw her mom again. I waved and said 'Hi Diane!' she said, 'Michelle!!!' and gave me a big hug! And again thanked me!
A woman whipped around and asked, 'Are you the dog lady?!' I laughed and said yes. I asked if she was the friend from Reno. She said yes, and I found out she lives out where we just bought a house. So, we swapped info and now talk all the time! She's nice!

Then, I met Colbies' Gma, she asked if I was the 'dog lady'. I laughed again, she shook my hand and thanked me too.

Then, we get back to meet Colbie, and I walk up and said, 'Apparently I'm 'the dog lady' in your family. I work here and checked in your mom last night.'

She smiled and exlaimed, 'Oh! Thanks for everything you've done for us, and your hotel has just been awesome!!'

I was floored! She knew MY name!! I then asked her as she was signing my book of songs I have, 'I'm a songwriter, what advice would you give me?'

She told me to write from the heart, be honest, sometimes writing from a different persepctive is a great way to get a song. She told me song 'Breakthrough' is actually about a friend and her relationship with her dad. So, now that song has a whole new meaning to me.

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  1. This is just SO cool and inspiring! Are you still on a high from that experience? I hope you take that advice with you as you continue to write beautiful songs. I'm proud of you!