Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good News!!

I'm soooo excited!!! On Aug 4th, I will be having my breast reduction surgery! Woohoo!!! The Dr is VERY confident it will help with my back and neck! I think so too!!!

I will post before and after pics (with a shirt on!! lol) I'm going from a GG (stands for Goodness Gracious!! lol) To a D (Stands for Delightfully perfect...hehehe)

It's been slow going on getting better. I'm a little miffed at my Attorney, as I sent over the document OVER a WEEK AGO and it's still hadn't been signed. It was a Lien so I could go to Physical Therapy. I haven't been since the accident and really need it!!

Anyhoo, we're going to the Rodeo Fairgrounds tonight and then off to see Transformers 2!!! Xander is SOOOOOO excited!!!

I hope to write more soon, when I back to being better, I'm planning to re-start my 101 goals. :-)

Chelle }}i{{

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