Monday, June 29, 2009

Aaron Found a Job!!

So, Aaron found a job! Yea!! He will be taking care of his mentally degrading Grandma. Making sure she takes her meds, making sure this idiot that keeps siphoning money out of her doesn't come over. Things like that.

It's part time, but Aaron's really happy about it. He loves his Gma alot! She's truly a neat woman and I've had such a pleasure of knowing her!!! She's funny and sarcastic...just like me! :-)

Aaron did get a job offer at Walmart, but he would have to leave UPS. He can't leave UPS until after 8/4 when my boobie reduction is done! Then he's "free". I heard a friend call UPS the "Golden Handcuffs". B/c it sucks to work there after a while, but most people stay b/c the benefits are so damn good. He's right!

I also got hit-on by a former co-worker last night. He had been drinking and needed a room. He used to work security there. Being in the front desk, we work with security alot. I know most of the guys, and usually give them hugs. They're all kinda like my big brothers. :-)

Well, he knew I had a son, and I said, "hey, Xander caught his first fish!" he got all excited. He then said, "Wait a minute, you have a ring on?!" I said yes. He asked if I was married. I said yes, 6 years (in a month! lol) He got sad and said, "Well that really sucks!" I looked at him and said, "No, I don't think so." He said, "well, for me. Cause you're so nice....this always happens."

He left and I had to laugh, but I felt good about myself. Sometimes you need a little ego boost to say, "Yup, not just my hubby thinks I'm hot!"

Chelle }}i{{

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