Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Great Shall Be Your Joy....My Testimony of Primary and Visiting Teaching

**names have been changed**

I want to share two things with you involving blessings and the church. Both came full circle this week for me, one of them tonight.

First of all, we have a house!!! Yea!!!! It just passed inspection, and we close on the 14th!!!

Well, when I got set-apart as the primary chorister almost a year ago...I was promised two things. I was promised, that if I put my heart and soul in this calling, that these children will know the gospel and Christ through me and through song, and that everything will fall into place the way it is needed in our own lives. Well, I did put my heart and soul into this calling. I love it so much! It is my favorite calling by far.

Sunday was the primary program, and the kids sang AMAZING!!! I was soooo wired after wards b/c I was sooo proud of them!! As I walked into the Primary Room from Sacrament, it hit me and I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that EVERYTHING came true. These children DO know Christ through song!!! And although it has been overshadowed by some grief (car accident, my dad, my friend's baby dying)....our life has worked out. We've become more financially stable, I was FINALLY able to have my breast reduction surgery, and we are moving into our own house!!!!! We are getting twice the house for about $250 less!!!! You can't beat that!!!! My life has been soooo blessed and I know it is in part because of my calling.

The second is the wonderful blessing of being a visiting teacher. My life long friend Terri (the above-mentioned friend who lost her baby) and I re-connected in this ward. She was in Primary with me and also my V.T. Companion. Without her, I probably wouldn't have done my v.t., as I hadn't received a testimony from I've never had regular v.t.'s.

Well, we got an inactive sister. Sara. She let us in, and we had a WONDERFUL time!!! I remember telling Terri that I had a strong impression that her and I were the key to getting her back to church....and we were. We watched her grow and start coming every week. Then, she got a calling in Primary....soon her hubby started coming. Now they are regulars. They pay their tithing and are soooo close to going back to the temple, it's amazing!!!

Well, I swung by to visit with her, as this is probably my last month to visit her, being we're moving next month, and Terri moved this month out of the ward. We sat and talked. She thanked me for coming and doing our She said, " I have had visiting teachers come and visit me, and I've always welcomed them in and thanked them for coming...When you and Terri first came into my home, you had this Spirit about you both....I forgot what it felt like, and I want that back in my home. I don't want it to ever leave again." I told her how proud and amazed I am to see this change too, but we cannot take all the credit, for she's come along way too in changing.

After I left, I was just in tears, so grateful, so full of joy. I'm reminded of the scripture, "And if ye bring even one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy." Well, my heart is about to burst. One person can make a HUGE difference in someone's life....and my joy is for her...

I just needed to share these things, for my heart is about to burst out. I have a strong testimony of this gospel, and of the Primary and Visiting Teaching....How Great Shall Be Your Joy indeed.....


  1. I share your Primary music testimony - -I have heard the Primary chorister called the Gospel Doctrine teacher of Primary and I believe that. The kids won't remember who did Sharing time or what they said- but they will remember the music, and they'll remember it when they need it most.

    Love you!

  2. I love VT. I have gained such good friends through it. I am so glad that you are seeing your blessings right now.